NAV 2009 and CRM 2011 connector on AzureHi

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I want to connect 4 NAV 2009 R2 databases (different localizations) running on different services with CRM 2011, on AZURE
What is the best way to do it?
Is better to have only 1 CRM database and connect it with the the 5 NAV 2009 databases or install 4 different CRM databases and connect them with the appropiate NAV database?

Also how the remote users can connect to the CRM running on AZURE?

Can you help me on this?



  • StarkStark TorontoMember Posts: 39
    Not really clear about CRM 2011 on AZURE, is that CRM 2011 online hosted on MS servers or something else?

    Consolidation always more painful than straight synchronization. MS Connector capable to do both cases, but if it's not critical for your organization, I would recommend to do one-to-one integration structure rather than many-to-one.

    Please note, this answer is based on "no special business requirement" and applicable to the simple sync method.

    Konstantin - blog about Dynamics Connector
  • gmavroggmavrog Member Posts: 7

    Thank you for your repply.
    My case is the following :
    I had installed on an Azure Windows Server 5 diferent sql instances . In each sql instance i had installed a NAV 2009 with different database colation and a different NAV Service. Also the CRM 2011 on permise will be installed in the same Azure windows Server. And i have to synchronize these instances with CRM 2011.

    The question is, can i have a multitenant CRM installation, where each tentant will synchronize with the specific NAV instance or i must create 5 different CRM 2011 instances ?

    Any suggestion on this?

    Kind Regards
  • vasilis6669vasilis6669 NicosiaMember Posts: 109
    Agapite Gregory,

    The are restrictions how Connector for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.msi is working. In your scenario you have 4 different NAV databases with different colation to save data in diferrent language.

    "Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the Microsoft Dynamics ERP system must have the same base install language, and base or functional currency."

    You probably need to install 1 CRM instance with 4 organisations.

    Let me know if you need additional help

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