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surisuri Member Posts: 123
hi one and all,
i am generating a report
i have taken four data items as shown below

DataItem Name
Purchase Requisition Header <Purchase Requisition Header>
Purchase Requisition Line <Purchase Requisition Line>
Customer Bank Account <Customer Bank Account>
Approval Processing Line <Approval Processing Line>

i not getting any error while generating the report...

i am sharing the sections and as well as output what i have generated...


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    surisuri Member Posts: 123
    here where
    i am generating the date and approved by is generating no of times ,
    how can we stop the repetation ..
    is it possible
    i asked my superiors he adviced me to write the code in pre section()
    of Approval Processing Line

    i dont know how to write the code can you suggest me i have tried this code
    Approval Processing Line pre section()

    Approver := "Approval Processing Line"."Action ID";
    "Approval Processing Line".SETRANGE("Approval Processing Line"."Document No.","Purchase Requisition Header"."No.");
    IF "Approval Processing Line"."Action ID" <> Approver THEN
    Approver := "Approval Processing Line"."Action ID"

    Approver1 := Approver;
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    mohana_cse06mohana_cse06 Member Posts: 5,504
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    surisuri Member Posts: 123
    ya mohana sir
    what you suggested me i have tried it was working
    when i am writing in footer section it was displaying only ones
    but here i am getting the problem when
    approved persons are more than one then i am not getting all the names
    in output section

    reputation is not coming but,it was displaying only single approval name
    thanks for giving reply
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    mohana_cse06mohana_cse06 Member Posts: 5,504
    You need to use Integer dataitem and loop through the no. of approvals..
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    surisuri Member Posts: 123
    in the following screen shot
    where approved by name
    is runnam is repeated four times(for this we have taken in footer section...it was working fine )
    but in my table 5 persons are approved but i am not getting remaining 4 persons ...
    in this case we have to write the code
    thanks for giving reply
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    surisuri Member Posts: 123
    i have written this code in
    Approval Processing Line, Body (2) - OnPreSection()
    Approver1 := "Approval Processing Line"."Action ID";
    IF Approver1 = Approver2 THEN
    Approver2 := Approver1;

    it was working thank you for giving reply sir
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