Russian language in English database

tsetseflytsetsefly Member Posts: 2
When I use English base (demo base CRONUS UK Ltd.) by any (English or Russian) client, I can't use Russian (Cyrillic) letters in "code" filelds. For example: when I enter russian text in Description (table Item) wrong text appears in Search Description. I think it is incorrect conversion to upper case. Text filled in Description appears correctly, but I can't use here case independent search.

But! If I use Russian client with Russian language selected and do backup and restore, then I can use Russian letters and all works correctly. I guess there is conversation table in the base. Or there is link to or number of character table...

Can anybody explain such effect? What changes in base when do backup/restore using Russian client? Can I change it manually?


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    UrmasUrmas Member Posts: 76
    I do not think it is about a backup/restore. The conversion between small and big letters is kept in .STX file what is separate for each language used. Switching languages actually switches also .stx files in use.
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