NAV 4.0 and domain functional level

ROLAROLA Member Posts: 15
Does anyone know what domain functional level older NAV clients require?

Take MBS Navision 4.0 as an example.
The Windows authentication on a C/SIDE server does not work when moved to a new domain running Windows Server 2008R2 as DC.
The old domain was running Windows 2003 Server as DC.

I'm guessing some issues with domain functional level...

Service is running on NETWORK SERVICES account.

Please don't reply "Upgrade to XX", We have old systems for reference using customer binaries.


  • sstaylorsstaylor Member Posts: 3

    It's been quite a while, but did you ever get an answer to this question? We are looking to upgrade our domain controllers to a newer version of Windows Server, but the Domain Functional Level change is a major concern. Like you, we are at Windows Server 2003 DFL, and need to move up, to at least W2008. Any insights would be appreciated.

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