Tips for better navigating CLE Applied Entries

jversusjjversusj Member Posts: 489
When CLE are applied directly within the form (as opposed to paid via cash receipts journal), we have noticed that it becomes very difficult to trace what was applied.

For example, we have an invoice for $12K that shows a remaining balance of 7.5K. When you navigate to applied entries to see what reduced the outstanding balance, all you see is another invoice applied against it. When you look at the referenced invoice and view it's applied entries, you get a big mess of other invoices, payments, and credit memos. There is no easy audit trail for this scenario that says on MM/DD/YYYY these documents were all applied against each other.

We basically need to see what a temp in AR did to an account she was working. Since she applied the entries from the customer ledger entries, there is no Register to review (as with the CRJ). It gets maddening trying to research and review all the referenced documents, especially if there were partial payments/credits etc. applied at some point prior to the bulk entry application I am trying to review. writing down and manually digging through entry nos. is no fun.

Anyone else have experience with this issue?

We are on 3.7B.
kind of fell into this...


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    SavatageSavatage Member Posts: 7,142
    I'm not seeing the same issue.

    If I click on an invoice then (Application)->Applied Entries

    I see just that!

    I'm not using navigate.
    Showing the "Document type" field helps so you can see if it was a payment, credit memo or other.

    Perhaps you're not showing the fields that would be helpful???
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