XML version 2.4

mpudjampudja Member Posts: 32
Hello everyone,

can somebody help abou XML ?
We have external company which has web orders in xml fromat from our customers. Now, I would like to automaticaly fetch xml files from web service and store it on our server.

The problem is that that they use xml version 2.4 ? and I must swicht to it but I do not now how ?
Can someone suggest me in which direction I must go ?

Now when I want to get xml order from web I get xml file:


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    ta5ta5 Member Posts: 1,164
    How do you get the xml files from the server, can you post some sample code? Concerning the version, do you mean declaration part <?xml version="2.4"?>?
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    mpudjampudja Member Posts: 32
    sorry for my late reply.
    I had some problems with XML Dom Object so I've switch to Microsoft Soap Type Library v3.0 and everything working fine.

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