Error in Distirbution Location while doing test connection

smshydsmshyd Member Posts: 72
Hi all,
I am new to LS Retail . I am using LS 5.05(5.0SP1) IN Version build 26084.
We want to replicate data from HO to Stores.
What are the setup needed for configuring this. The present setup gives following errors

Error 2 in module 1

There are errors in the text conversion (text no. 142-1 does not exist in the .stx file).

Internal error: 47-1
You have not selected a database(2 times)

F: FindRec Autom.server has stopped or timeout occured


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    smshydsmshyd Member Posts: 72
    any link or url for settingup the communication between HO and rest of the stores
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