Identify Vendors in Page 5052 Contacts List

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The Contacts List Page 5052 contains Contacts from Sales/Customers and from Vendors, how can i identify easily which is from a Vendor and which are from Customers?


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    You can click Contact-->C&ustomer/Vendor/Bank Acc. which will show whether it is related to Customer/Vendor/Bank Account
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    Yes, but i wanted to Filter out Vendors, we have 35000 contacts that we are updating and that is a long winded way of seeing if they are a Vendor or Customer to do this on each contact.
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    But I didnt see any field in Contact Table to Put a Filter :-k
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    That is my point, i have a list of 35000 contacts, which we are Cleaning the Customer Side Contacts & want to be able to hide the Vendor contacts to make it easier to for the user, as they do not have permission to amend Vendor contacts, but they do not know who is a Vendor contact or who is a Customer Contact? Also, we would like to remove the Salesperson Code from the Vendor Contact as this is n/a but again, if we cant identify who is a Vendor, this cant be done, unless we go through each contact!
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    A Contact can be both a Customer and a Vendor (and even a Bank) at the same time, so there is no simple Relation Type field.

    You will need to make new flowfields to filter it. For example a new Code 20 field called "Vendor No." that looks in the Contact Business Relation table, filtered on "Contact No."=<Company No.> and "Link to Table"=Vendor, and returns the "No.". Just don't put the flowfields on list forms, as it will make the list very slow! (And so will filtering, but I guess you can live with that) It might be a bit faster to have a Boolean field called "Is Vendor", but I doubt you will notice the difference.
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    Since this is a one for one relationship, I recommend adding the customer no. and the vendor no. to the contact table and adding some code to automatically populate the fields when you link or create contacts/vendors.
    You will need a program to update existing contacts using the Business Relation table - you can do this through a processing report, codeunit, or sql statements (if SQL Server).
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    Thanks i'm the end user on this, so i will try to see what i can do in the test environment, any other help or infor greatly appreciated
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    Have you checked out the Segment in Navision? This exactly what it's used for. You can generate a list of all of your vendors using Segments.

    No modifications needed.
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    @Alex - Thanks for this, however i wanted to identify which is a vendor in the Contacts List not elsewhere
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    define a flowfield in the contact table and lookup the vendor from contact relationship. Then add the flowfield to your list.
    If the relationship does not exist, the flowfield vendor no. will be blank
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    Just to say @pdj - your answer is what i was looking for, now that i understand Nav more i was able to implement your suggestion and it works, many thanks
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    I ran into this same issue with NAV 2016. Trying to follow @pdj instructions. I created a field called “Vendor No.” under the Contact table (5050) as Code 20. Opened up Properties panel, selected FlowField for FieldClass, but have no idea what to define elsewhere? What should I put in CalcFormula?
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    Trying my hand at this, still a bit of a novice. Does that seem correct for the field?

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