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Navision 3.10

Sales & Receivables -> Orders. On the print button there's stuff to print Picking Sheet, Sales Order, etc.

I didn't want to mess with one of the reports, so I copied it and modified it.

I went into the Menu Items of the Print button to add my report there, but it doesn't populate the No.

For example, if I am in Sales Order S131778 and I go to Print Sales Order, it will have that number populated in No. for me.

If I go to my print my report No. is left empty.

On the Menu Items it has for example Sales Order as caption, but under mine I put Sales Order Test, Action RunObject, RunObject Report Sales Order Test.

Do I need to do something different there?


  • KYDutchieKYDutchie Member Posts: 345

    did you set the "RunformView" and the "RunformLink" properties?
    In the Runformlink you map the "No." in your form to the "No." to be used in your report.
    The RunformView can be used to select a key for the sorting.
    You can use these properties to set the record in your report.

    Let me know if this helps,


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    Are you adding a new report to the menu items or would you like to replace a report with your new report?

    To replace you can goto sales & receiveables->setup->Report Selections Sales

    there you can change the default report that comes up - with your new report.

    If you wan't to add another report and have the "no." value automatically appear (for example)

    you will need to write some code.

    I usually add it to CU 229 Document-Print then call the CU from the menu item

    SalesHeader.SETRANGE("Document Type",SalesHeader."Document Type");

    where 50060 is your report #.. Without a dev license you'll have to ask your nav partner or hire someone to make the change for you, sorry to say.
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