Error in report "Date AND Integer"

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Hi all,

We have a problem in a report with Attain 3.01A, we have the report up and running fine, but now wants to add a filter.

IF Orderoperation.Startdate = 0D AND SH."No. Printed" > 0 THEN

we have tried "Startdate" for itself and it works and the "No. Printed" also works when it stand alone. ?

it comes with the following error when we try to save the report.

Anyone knows whats wrong. ??



  • SavatageSavatage Member Posts: 7,142
    try this

    IF (Orderoperation.Startdate = 0D) AND (SH."No. Printed" > 0)
  • ogodtogodt Member Posts: 8
    Savatage wrote:
    try this

    IF (Orderoperation.Startdate = 0D) AND (SH."No. Printed" > 0)

    Hi Harry,

    sorry for the late reply - been way to busy :-({|=

    the above suggestions did not work, i actually don't remember why, bot i seperated the line into 2 codes and that did the job.

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