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hblitsteinhblitstein Member Posts: 2
Hello, I am becoming a convert to NAV2009 from years of working with GP10. In GP10, there is a great tool called SmartList where a user can build ad-hoc queries of most modules and more importantly save the queries to run again. Our payables staff has built close to 200 SmartList queries that are used for many of our payables processes and inquires. I have not been able to find an equivalent tool in NAV. Of course you can use the Filter tool, but you need to recreate the filter everytime you need to run it. Has anyone built a Smartlist type tool for NAV? Thanks


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    krzychub83krzychub83 Member Posts: 120
    Yes, this is quite handful option in GP.

    The only one thing which I can think off is the RTC's ability to save customized views of any list (which is visible within the RTC's main window). Downside is that before you are able to create views on a list, that list needs to be accessible from RTC's menu. For example if you need to create few views on Customer Ledger Entries, then you need to add it to the menu by NAV's classic client, before you will be able to show it in RTC. Then you will be able to add that list to your home menu and from there create a customized views. Try to search for 'nav rtc save filter'.

    This solution is much more limited then the GP's one, but still it is available out of the box.
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    davmac1davmac1 Member Posts: 1,283
    Have you considered migrating to NAV 2013?
    It adds queries plus a huge amount of additional functionality.
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