Opening a Attachment of a Interaction Log entry fails

aodaod Member Posts: 54
Dear all,

I have running a Win2008 Terminal Server with Office 2010 Pro and Nav 5 Classic (no SQL) on it.

If I log in as privileged User (my login) I can Open the attached Word Documents from the interaction log. As I try it with a "normal" log in Navison hangs up (freezes) if I try to open the Attachment. I checked in the Filesystem the temporary file at c:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\local\%SESSIONNO%\Dok.doc is not created. But it is possible to create a word dokument at this location as limited User.

What is the Problem ? Why the temp. File isn't created ? Anybody any Ideas (or already solved this Problem) ?

Thank you

p.s. Happy New Year !


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    aodaod Member Posts: 54
    Further Teseting shows a different Situation.

    The User can open all kind of attached Files (.rtf,.jpg.,pdf,.xls,.ppt,.html,.docx etc ) but not .doc -Files (that are most of the Files). On my local Machine running Win7-64 Bit no problem. Just the .doc-Files on the Server wont open from Interaction log entry.

    I also stored the Files on a Share (exported them from Navision for better testing)... If I open this share and open the .doc no problem..

    Has anybody any Idea ?
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