change date to invoiced sales order in sales invoice header

ahmedbaahmedba Member Posts: 424
Hi guys Now i have one problem i make order then invoiced it.after i invoiced i found this order display in sales invoice header

in order date and posting date with 6/01/2013 and in sales invoice line with another date 30/12/12

now i need date found in sales invoice header same date 30/12/12 (meaning sales invoice header and sales invoice line) have date 30/12/12 and also i need to change it in custledger entry table from 6/01/13 to 30/12/12 how i change


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    David_CoxDavid_Cox Member Posts: 509
    You should not change the dates, if you have used the wrong Posting Date which is the liability date then you will need to create a Credit Memo, post the credit memo with the same details to negate the Invoice, then create a new Order with the correct dates and post this.

    Dates are in more places like VAT Entry ,Detailed Customer Ledger, Item Ledger, Value Entries, and changing the date is not something you should do for audit reasons if you have printed or invoiced the Customer.


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    ahmedbaahmedba Member Posts: 424
    if i want to delete invoiced sales order how i made
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