Error When Assigned Flowfield's Table Filter

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Hi all,

In NAV 2013, I made a new table with 2 field : User ID (Code[50]) and Name(Text[80]).
User ID
-. Fieldclass : Normal
-. Table Relation : User.Username
-. Fieldclass : Flowfield
-. CalcFormula : Lookup(User."Full Name")

but i try add flowfield table filter type as field and then when i lookup value, i see an error following bellow :

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment
There are errors in the text conversion because text no. 1902-1 does not exist in the .stx file.
Internal error: 47-1

Is this a bug ? or Can anyone help me to solve this problem? [-o< [-o<

Thanks for Advance


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    flesenneflesenne Member Posts: 7
    i think your lookup synthax is wrong.
    lookup(field you are looking for, condition)
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