z-report and opening

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I just wonder, how does system handle the different found in day start and day end in GL posting, trans related tables, and z-report.
Normally, how does back office counter-check the amount? By using sales slip, z-report or.....?
Will Z-report including opening?


My case is "Flexible opening", one statement per store per day, calculate statement and post statement is done in back office, offline mode.

LS version 6.2

Day 1
Opening 0
Add/remove float 100
Sales 10
Closing 110 (100 to safe, 10 to bank)

Day 2 - with start float difference
Opening 100 (from safe, automatically suggest by system when start float)
Counted amount says 98 only (ie start float difference 2)
Sales 20
Closing 118 (118 to safe)

Day 3 - with tender declare difference
Opening 118 (from safe, automatically suggest by system when start float)
Sale 2
Closing (system = 120, counted = 119 (ie 1 different at day end)) [119 to safe]
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