Manditory fields

nvermanverma Member Posts: 396
Hi guyz,

I was wondering if there is a document out there that lists all the manditory fields that one would require in order to POST a purchase order of type item.

[Update] - This is the list I came up with. Let me know if I Missed anything

Purchase Header
Buy-from Vendor No.
Buy-from Vendor Name
Buy-from Address
Buy-from Address 2
Buy-from City
Buy-from Province/State/Postal/Zip Code
Pay-to Vendor No. (=Buy-from Vendor No.)
Name (= Buy-from Vendor Name)
City (=Buy-from City)
State/Zip Code (=Buy-from Province/State/Postal/Zip Code)
Posting Description (Automatically Populated)
Posting Date/Order Date/Document Date
Due Date ( 7 days after posting date)
Status = Open
Purchase Line
Original Qty (=Quantity)
Qty. to Receive (=Quantity)
Qty. To Invoice (=Quantity)
Location Code
Direct Unit Cost Excl. Tax
Line Amount Excl. Tax
Unit Cost ($) (=Direct Unit Cost Excl. Tax)
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