Navision GRN Account

AshimaAshima Member Posts: 3
Hi All,

I am not very familiar with the Nav costing side. So please help.

The GRN control account for one of our users is sitting on a huge debit side. If we discard the open purchase orders, there is still a huge unexplained figure.
I had started investigating the discrepancy and found that for a few credit memos, the sum of the GRN account for the credit memo, the invoice it was applied to and the Posted Purch Rcpt is sitting on a certain balance whereas it should have been zero. I have checked and the cost of the Item remains intact on GRN, invoice and credit memo. The costing type of the Item is 'FIFO'.

Can you please guide me to a few pointers which may explain why GRN is not sitting at zero for these credit memo.

Many Thanks!


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