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Hello Everybody,

We’re implementing LS Retail on Classic NAV 2009 and we’d need to do Item grouping. Previously, business applied item/product grouping on locations such as a store or a restaurant that now we believe is not right and could create problem with inventory control, item transferring between locations, etc. Now, we’re trying to change it and do the grouping on item’s different qualities. We will use variants as well applying it for different item’s sizes, colors, etc. However, on a high level we’d need to set up Item Divisions, Item Families, Item Categories, and Product Groups.

We’ll do items price setup for different stores, customers, etc. and it seems as not a problem as we have all functionalities in a system for it. However, items grouping is a bit challenging.

The business selling items through stores, hotels, and restaurants. It’s mainly food, accessories, beverages, and wine. I’m wondering if anybody could provide a “best business practices” direction for items grouping. We’re going to start with having Item Divisions: Food, Non-Food; Then what could be the Item Families – it wouldn’t be probably nice to have ‘Food’ there again? Or it could be Food (anyway), Beverages, Wine, and Accessories?



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    Instead of the Item Familie Food you could go with edibles.
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