Migration table 356

117320117320 Member Posts: 33
Hi all,

I need your advise, is there anyone who successfully import records to table 356 using form 8627 Migration Overview - Advanced.

I tried but always failed and error shown is "At least one dimension value code must have a value. Enter a value or delete the Journal Line Dimension."

I debug it and found out the reason is because on table 356 onvalidate dimension code field it will clear off dimension value code. I unable to untick validate on migration field form.


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    MarkHamblinMarkHamblin Member Posts: 118
    You have at least a few options:

    - temporarily comment out the onvalidate code until you're done the import (not great if you need a repeatable solution)
    - create a custom dataport
    - use one of the other generic data import options out there, such as http://mibuso.com/dlinfo.asp?FileID=1450
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    117320117320 Member Posts: 33
    Thank you mark.
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