Showing the last record of the table on to the form

datha91datha91 Member Posts: 7
Hi everyone. I am still at the learning stage of NAV development so I have this beginner problem which I have tried to solve but to no avail.

Shedding me some guidance would be greatly appreciated.

So here is my problem.


As you can see , the form "particulars" show up the records from the table "particulars".
My problem is that upon the form startup I want it to show the last record in the table , in this case it will be John, instead of David.

So i went about doing a FINDLAST() as follow in the form.

I have tried it in the table too. But it doesnt work.

I know it is a small problem but it sucks when I am self-learning and have no one to turn to. :(

Thanks in advance guys. And Merry Christmas to all of you :lol:


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