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Hi guys,
i want to know how can i optimize tempdb.

I know from styrk that we must have "N" Files of tempdb database for "N" CPU´s that we have.

1. How can i acomplish that?
2. Did you see great improvements by doing that?

Thanks for your answers. :D


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    I agree that we should have n TEMPDB files per physical CPU core, although with modern 32 core CPU's, this general rule might be going overboard :roll:

    Here is a Microsoft link regarding storage best practices: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc966534.aspx

    Also, nowadays, I like to recommend putting the TEMPDB onto an internal SSD drive. This eliminates the TEMPDB as a bottleneck. It takes latency on the TEMPDB close to 0 Milliseconds and doesn't cost much to implement.

    Note that if you have a SQL Cluster, only SQL 2012 officially supports this.

    Regarding one file per CPU core, take a look at this post: http://adventuresinsql.com/2010/04/script-to-create-a-tempdb-file-per-processor/
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