Import and export to more tables data in sql server 2005

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Hi guys I have database have 20 table name AA and sql i have is sql server 2005 can i make
auto processes import and export by ssis to data only.because what i want to is moving data from database to another database. and this two databases not in same place and no network between two databases meaning every one work alone.


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    If you are using Navision then my suggestion is to use Universal Excel Importer for this part, you can find this utility in mibuso download
    Uday Mer | MS Dynamics NAV Techno-Functional Consultant
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    If i want to export data what i do .this tool not make export to data to excel or any formate
    and are this tool using to more tables
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    To Export simply copy paste data to excel, or if the data is large write simple select query in SQL, and export result to text.
    Uday Mer | MS Dynamics NAV Techno-Functional Consultant
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    Maybe you could check out the BCP utility of SQL Server:

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    I have used the bcp utility before for mass data imports and exports, and it is very fast.
    I loaded data into a working table, then used SQL to fix data errors, then more SQL to move it to the final table.
    You could also define the table in NAV.
    Definitely worth looking at.
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