Multi level BOMs on single Production order from Planning

kiwilambkiwilamb Member Posts: 18
Hi there

I have a 7 level deep BOM. When I run the planning worksheet it creates 7 separate production orders but I'd like it to create a single production order with the different BOMs.
I have the top level product set to make to stock and then the lower levels to "make to order" and reorder policy of order.
I see that if I set the top level to make to order and create the production order directly from a sales order I get an option to of an order type of project which does what I want but I don't see this type of option when using the planning worksheet and make to stock.

Thanks in advance


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    MarkHamblinMarkHamblin Member Posts: 118
    The planning worksheet by default won't make multi-level production orders. This was likely done to make it easier (code-wise) to avoid creating too much supply if you had both the top level item and its components on the worksheet and carried out all new messages.

    Wouldn't be too hard to modify the system to generate multi-level orders from the worksheet (you'd want to do MPS on its own if you made this change). Not many good work-arounds without doing modifications - instead of planning worksheet you could use the Order Planning form (but that is also not great without some modifications to it), or you could manually re-plan each production order after it's created by the worksheet.

    - Mark
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    kiwilambkiwilamb Member Posts: 18
    Thanks for your response Mark
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