Confusion in MB7-840 exam

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Hello Friends,

Last day i have given the C/SIDE Introduction (MB7-840) Exam,got 66% but couldn't clear the exam.Can anyone explain me how they judge our result.Is there any type of sectional cut-off?And what will be the passing mark for the exam?

and i also want to discuss some questions on that i have some confusion

1) You are a Microsoft Dynamics NAV developer. You have created a page and want to test its layout, but the menu has not been designed yet. How do you run the created page?(select 3 option)

A.From the Object Designer in the Classic client.
B.By entering the corresponding command string in the Run dialogue.
C.By entering the corresponding command string in the Internet browser.
D.By entering the link to it in the Address Bar of the RoleTailored client.

Ans. B,C (Confused between A & D)

2) Which of the following report component would be valid for displaying TotalFields?(select 2)
A. Body
B. Header
C. Groupfooter
D. Transheader

Ans. C,D(i am right or wrong)

3)You are a Microsoft Dynamics NAV developer you want to design a report in such way that if client print a report that directly converted in sales invoice so which components will you use?(select 2)
A. Data Model
B. Report Layout
C.Request Form
D. Request Page

Ans. A,B(right or wrong)

4) What will be the correct syntax for calling the function inside the local codeunite?

5)If value set has more then one action set in CASE statement then which action set will execute ?
A)first action set
B)Last action set
c)all action set will execute in sequence
D)got run-time error

Ans. A(right or wrong)

6)What will you use for grouping the entity while designing the report?
A) Section Designer
B)Request Form
C)Request Page

Ans. A (right or wrong)

7)When you add the menu item in Menusuite but it can not be showing though you have upgraded the Menusiute?

Please help me out

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