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Hi all, I would like to re-number objects in a database. What do I use to make it? I've tables with a lot of data (it's not clear database) and I'd like to re-number and open form and no have in the sourcetable = TableXXXXX (and I no open the form). Is it possible? Thank you.



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    I am not sure what you are requesting, but I think you are asking to renumber some big table and then start from an empty table again.

    Can I ask why you want to do this? If it is because you are experiencing space or performance issues, there are better and cheaper ways to solve those.

    There are not many tables in native NAV that are save to remove data from. Renumbering a table is possible, however I would advise against it because it will and can cause major issues. What I would do is create archive tables and create archive routines to move data. But be very careful with deleting data, this can compromise the integrity of the data and will influence reporting if fields were used in flowfield calculations etc.

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    I want to renumber objects, because the customer will have a new license with new object ID, and I want to move the existing object from old number to new one.
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    Hello, you can do it on a New DB, then you can use excell formular to replace old number to New number after you have exported all objects in TXT form
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    In Navision, you can use the “Relink” feature to re-number objects in a database. With this feature, you can assign new numbers to existing objects, such as tables, forms, and reports, without having to open the form. To use it, go to “Tools” in the main menu, then select “Relink”. This will open a window where you can enter the new numbers for the objects you want to re-number. Once you have entered all the new numbers, click “OK” to save your changes. This should allow you to re-number objects in your database without having to open the form.
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