WMS - Picking in rounded up Unit of measure

James111James111 Member Posts: 63

I have some problems with Picking proces in Location which is configured as Direct Pick and Put-away.
The problem is:
I have items stored in warehouse (store zone) in Boxes (each box has 25 pcs).
Production bom line was expressed in pieces Unit of measure.

One piece of product is composed of 1 piece of raw material.

When I make Pick document from Prod. Order (production 2 pcs of final product, we need 2 pcs raw material), system Create PIcking document with lines:
Take, 1 Box, BIN01,
Place 25 Pcs, BIN01
Take 2 pcs, BIN01
Place 2 pcs, BIN_Prod_Inbound.

The problem is, that I need pick full box from warehouse to production zone, 2 pcs should be assign to Prod. Order Component, remaining 23 pcs should be place and remain on BIN_Prod_Inbound.

The document should be as following:
Take, 1 Box, BIN01,
Place 25 Pcs, BIN_Prod_Inbound.
Take 2 pcs, BIN_Prod_Inbound.
Place 2 pcs, BIN_Prod_Inbound

Please help me!


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    MarkHamblinMarkHamblin Member Posts: 118
    Unfortunately, you're kind of stuck with that behavior. NAV has to convert the UOM from boxes to pieces somehow, so it does it automatically on the pick (assuming you have breakbulk enabled), and it can't tell you to pick 25 pieces to the inbound bin because the prod. order only needs 2 pieces.

    I think the way NAV does it is fairly logical - you need 2 pieces, so it splits up the box, then tells you to take the pieces you need. If you did it the way you specify, you'd then have to do a movement to move the items from inbound back to a picking bin.

    I understand that this does not match your physical process where the picker takes the entire box to inbound and the production workers pull out what they need. I can think of a couple of options:
    • Change the NAV picking logic to do the breakbulk in the inbound bin. Might not be fun depending on what other types of picking you do, and you'll still have to move the remaining items back into picking bins to be considered for future picks.
    • "Fake it" - process the pick as if you did the breakbulk in the bin, but physically break the box in inbound and have the pickers manually move the box back when production is done with it. Definitely not ideal, but people do this all the time.

    (Oh, and a 3rd option - if you just move boxes into production and have people take what they need, you could move them into the open shop bin and not do picks for them).
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    James111James111 Member Posts: 63
    Hi, thank You for reply.

    I'am going to make break in Inbound bin, if users want to make a remaining lot available for picking, they create internal put away to move ends to picking zone.
    The problem is, becouse we have Lot tracking, and this funcionality is crazy...
    Do You have any experience of so kind of modification?
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    MarkHamblinMarkHamblin Member Posts: 118
    Yes, we have quite a bit of experience working with and modifying the WMS functionality (http://www.dynms.com/products/nav_handheld_mobile_warehouse.html).

    If your rule will always be that the breakbulk occurs in the place bin, the modification should be simple. And you're right, warehouse lot tracking is no fun either, mostly from a physical process point of view if multiple lots exist in the same bin. It's very useful in some cases, but we try to avoid warehouse lot tracking when possible.
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