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VijaykumarVijaykumar Member Posts: 36
Hi everybody,
I want to hide some reports from the reports menu to some users. For e.g. in the Sales & Receivables --> Reports, I don't want some users to view the Customer Ledger reports, how do I hide it for them. Whereas the same reports should be visible to other users.
How do I do it, pls help...........
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    PrebenRasmussenPrebenRasmussen Member Posts: 137
    There is no reason to hide the reports for the users. Instead use the built-in security system.
    Remember that Table 243 does not exist in 4.0 any longer, so don't go too far in your effort. Use standard functionality instead.

    If you really want to do it anyway, you can use code on the form triggers or add new fields to the Report List and set filters in the OnOpen trigger.
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