Insert recipient address from NAV using PDFCreator

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First some technical details:
Windows 2008 R2 Standard Terminal Server
Navision version DK 3.70 (4.0 SP3)
PDFCreator v1.5.0 (GPL Ghostscript 9.05)
Microsoft Office 2010 (32-bit)

My problem is, that when creating an e-mail with attachment through PDFCreator, the e-mail address field is empty. So is there a way to have the e-mail address from Navision insertet in the 'To'-field in my Outlook? Or are there any issues with Outlook 2010?

What happens when I choose to print is, that I get prompted from PDFCreator what I would like to do. I select 'E-mail', the file is saved on my disc, Outlook opens and I can see the attachment and the subject. Only thing missing is the recipient of the message.

I've asked our developer what code is running on the report, and here what he said:
EmailBeskrivelse:='Fakturanr.: ' + SalesInvHeader."No." +' / Deres ref.: '+SalesHeader."Your Reference"; {Ordrenr:="No.";}
OK := Email.NewMessage(Customer."E-Mail",'',EmailBeskrivelse,SalesHeader."No.",'c:\pdf\dokument.pdf',TRUE);

As far as I could understand, then the Customer."E-Mail" command should be the one to insert the e-mail address.

I'm sorry if this question has been answered earlier.

best regards
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