Read Permission on table 104002?

NorvanMunkiNorvanMunki Member Posts: 7
Hi to All,

I have inherited the job of upgrading our current 3.7 and 4.3 Navision customers to 2009 (please don't mention 2013 just yet).
So i thought i would start at 4.3 and work backwards, unfortunately i have ran into a problem that i cannot find a solution, in fact I can’t find a direct reference to my issue anywhere.](*,)

I am at the upgrade stage where i want a txt file of the objects to run a comparison. Every time I try to create the txt file I get the below.
"You do not Have Permission to read the Status Log table"

* Table 104002

I have edited all permission and roles with full access to the table but still receive this error.
Any help greatly appreciated.

tly appreciated.



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    FlowerBizFlowerBiz Member Posts: 34
    That table number is not "standard" Navision. It may have been created by a partner, past or present. Nevertheless, are you able to "run" or "design" the table within the object designer as the "super user"? My suspicion is that you can not, which will indicate that your license does not include access to that table number or range. If that table is actively being used by your application, then someone with the appropriate license granted permission to other objects to be able to access that table. However, be warned that if you do not currently have a license to access that table and you recompile the objects that were compiled by someone who did (and granted access to other objects), then you will lose access to that table by the object(s) that you recompile. It's a nasty surprise in the waiting.
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    NorvanMunkiNorvanMunki Member Posts: 7
    Hi FlowerBiz,

    Thanks for the reply. You are correct in your assuption that access is prevented at all levels and I wasn't able to do anything with our current Dev level license.
    However, I did manage to resolve the problem with a little help from an "Old Timer". I initially suspected that this particualr customer was one of the two that was upgraded from NAV3.7 to NAV4 by ourselves round about 2006 time. Fortunately, the "Old Timer" remembered that we (in his hayday) had more than one Dev Level license type so i started to tawl through some archieves. I eventually managed to find a previous development license from that period. I reset my system time to May 2006 and applied the license as was able to access and run the table which was empty. The table was deleted and a compile carried out and everything was fine.

    Thanks Again

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