Webinar Nov 8, 2012: New BI4Dynamics Modification Wizard

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We've revolutionized the way you customize your BI solution!
BI4Dynamics Modification Wizard - 3 steps and your done. It's that easy! No need to open SQL Server or Visual Studio, because the Wizard generates the code for you.

See how it works, join our live webinar on Thursday, Nov 8th.
Register @ http://bit.ly/WebinarNOV8

There's more amazing news from BI4Dynamics:
- added support for NAV 2013
- new BI modules for AX 2012
- 50 new KPIs in the standard package

Analyzing your business has never been that simple!

More @ www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2KugbIajRM & www.bi4dynamics.com
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