Hide Posted Invoices and Posted Credit Memos or Ledger Entry

emulsifiedemulsified Member Posts: 139
I have a client who made a mistake on an Invoice and posted it then had to do a credit memo.
They don't want to look like fools to their customer.
I know that I can easily exclude a Document No. from a report using filters.

What would be the best way to permanently hide the Document No.'s from certain reports?

I was thinking of adding some sort of Boolean field to the Posted Invoice Header and Posted Credit Memo Header and/or Ledger Entries tables then simply using the Boolean filter for that field on any applicable report, essentially saying HideMistakes = Yes, HideMistakes being the boolean field in one of the mentioned tables. With this method any mistakes can be simply marked and will not show.

Basically I'm looking for the best set it and forget about it method of hiding mistakes.

Does anyone have any suggestions for this?
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    SavatageSavatage Member Posts: 7,142
    I guess it would depend on the report.

    Which report are they concerned about? A statement?
    I assume this credit memo is a reversal of an incorrect invoice.
    Then I also assume they were applied together, therefore they are not "Open" anymore.

    So, do they run reports that they give to customers that show closed documents? Which?

    There is an "On Hold" field already on these tables and they could put "FIX" or use the "Reason Code" field too.
    Perhaps these can be used to set your filter.
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