Export to Excel - Drawing a frame

poppinspoppins Posts: 646Member
Hi everyone,

I am trying to export some data to excel...

The customer wants each row to be surrounded by a frame...and the whole data to be surronded by a bold frame, just like the picture below:

Does anyone knows how to do this????


  • postsauravpostsaurav Posts: 708Member
    Hi poppins,

    Excel Buffer table have a pre-defined function for same BorderAround.

    This function takes input a range of cells.

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  • poppinspoppins Posts: 646Member
    Yes indeed postsaurav, I've just checked it...
    but it draws a thin border...what if I want it to be thick???
  • BeliasBelias Posts: 2,993Member
    try to change the value passed to xlrange1.borderaround instruction. Switch it to 2,3,4 etc. and see the result.
    If this is the property you need, you can:
    a. customize the existing function by adding an additional parameter (i don't recommend this one, as you don't know where's used and where will it be used in the standard nav)
    BorderAround(RangeName : Text[50];BorderStyle : Integer)
    b. create a new function (a copy of borderaround but with the additional parameter
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  • Mohamed_ZayedMohamed_Zayed Posts: 36Member
    can you please tell me how did you use the Fnc "Boarder Around" in your code?
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