Open Navision with Windows batch job

roshandilrukroshandilruk Member Posts: 51
Hi Folks,

Hope one of you could help with this.

I need to write a batch job in Windows, A .bat file, the purpose is to put this in to the windows scheduler to run every night. I need the batch file to call Navision (Open the database) and run a process only report.

Now, we don’t have the Job module purchased and the client is on 3.7 version. So I’m trying to find an alternative way to set up the report to run automatically every night. Perhaps you may suggest a better solution.

Please help.


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    KYDutchieKYDutchie Member Posts: 345

    Have you looked at the product called ExpandIT?
    I think this will do exactly what you need. If you need to program this yourself you will be in for a challenge.
    You could create customization in codeunit 1 and have it automatically run something for a specific user.
    But I rather not customize if there is a perfectly fine solution for it.

    Let me know if this helps.


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