under what circumstances i can run modally

shafeaashafeaa Member Posts: 54
under what circumstances i can run modly if the Report in run time?

ithink its corresponding to request form but i dont know how.


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    SbhatSbhat Member Posts: 301
    Normally RUNMODAL is useful in FORMS and Reports.

    In Forms you use it when you want to accept a value from a form. For example

    IF Form.runmodal(Form::<FormName>,Rec) = Action::LookupOk then
    <field> := Rec.<Field Value>

    In Report you use it when you want to run a report using a printer selection or directing a report to a specific devic.

    Before using a Runmodal you must use the COMMIT syntax, otherwise you cannot run the form or report in Run modal.

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    lubostlubost Member Posts: 618
    It's true. The second difference is: When you run object modally, your code will wait for closing called object, but nonmodal calling calls the object and your code will continue on next line.
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