Print bug on NAV5.0 client, Win7?

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Good afternoon all. Just thought I would share a bug we've come across that we think relates to our NAV client (3.7B codebase running 5.0 client build 26026) and Win7.

Scenario: bring up a sales quote/order. Print to PDF, print to network printer, and print to local printer. Leave No. of Copies = 0 in NAV, but enter No. of Copies = 2 in printer dialog (when selecting printer). For a one page document, we get 4 pages printed/PDF. For a 3 page document, we get 12 pages. Essentially, it prints 2 documents for every no. of copies you define (2 copies = 4). It does this on different PCs (different print spoolers), across the network and local, and even to PDF printers like PDFCreator.

When we do the same on an XP PC, we get 1 page for the 1 page doc, and 3 pages for the 3 page doc, as expected. It seems like the issue is then related to the client running on Win7?

Anyone else run into this?
kind of fell into this...


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    kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    This is known bug, resolved in some hotfix. Just search the knowledge base... ;-)
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    jversusjjversusj Member Posts: 489
    thank you. I have checked the KB on customer source, but nothing came up. I guess we will just deal with it until we upgrade next year.

    //we had a bad experience with hotfixes and as such don't generally roll them out. (not my decision) :/
    kind of fell into this...
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