Save filter in a table

WillibaldWillibald Member Posts: 2

is it possible to save a set of filters in a table, so you can reuse them later? Like in a report, where the user can select the needed fields from the fieldlist and set a filter for each field.

We have a table "Sales Order Overviews". Each user can setup Overviews as needed. A second table shows all Orders per Overview. It would be very helpfull to give the user the option to select different fields and set filters for that fields. At the moment the users have only a few filters, which can be set in the "Sales Oder Overviews" table. A functions uses this limited selection of filter to update the second table with the matching orders. But if we could set up a kind of filter list, we could easily filter on different fields. And it would be easy to transfer a filter list from one Overview to an other Overview.

We planing to update from 3.70 to NAV 2009 SP1, Classic Client.

Thanks for your help. :)


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