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aldarionaldarion Member Posts: 24
Hi all,

Is it possible to take a structured text from an excel cell and put it in multiple line in Navision, I explain
In Navision, users call a worksheet, select cell (structured text) he want to import and then Navision makes multiple lines in the tables to "fit" the structure of the text.
example: cell A1 contains:
- cpu PIV 3.4Ghz
- RAM 1024 Mb
- HDD 40 Gb
- ...
What I want to do is put what is in A1 in multiple lines in my table so it will became
line 1 cpu PIV 3.4 Ghz
line 2 RAM 1024 Mb
line 3 HDD 40 Gb
line 4 ...
First I thought that the Excell buffer table could help me but with no success. then I found that there are Automation variable and I tried to do it myself with poor result I have to say, I searched throughout the forums, found some interesting subject about automation variable but it was always an export to excel and never an import from it.
The more I try the more I think it's not possible to do that but maybe some of you had a solution or a clue of what could be done

Thank you


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    wonmowonmo Member Posts: 139
    declare a code variable so that :

    code variable := FORMAT(xlSheet.Range('A2').Value);

    After this you can just parse the code variable into the various components through simple string functions.
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