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Hi All,

I need a small help. We are using Nav 2009 SP1 Singapore Version, last time I posted a question on making prices including GST on the creation of new customers. I got an reply and here is the code and steps to do it

1. Just go in Table 18 Customer.
2. Open Table 18 in design mode.
3. go in code by pressing F9.
4. Find the "OnInsert()" trigger.
5. Write this code at last line of this trigger,
"Prices Including GST" := TRUE;

But I forgot to tell that we have two companies in one database. Company A, Company B, and this feature is only for company B and not Company A, so how do I adjust/change the code that is above written.



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    jglathejglathe Member Posts: 639

    looks like you have a global customer table... so setting up a new customer enables this property for all companies. The customer table is not global in standard NAV. Setting it to global solves one problem (the customer exists in all companies), but you have lots of dependencies which can break the system if not handled correctly. In your case the sales header would be the better place for the code. I would recommend that you do this change together with a NAV partner, or at least an experienced NAV consultant.

    with best regards

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