Update FlowFields after changing source table

StLiStLi Member Posts: 83

I have a very simple problem but i'm currently out of ideas how to solve this:

I have a count-Flowfield on my contact table that shows me the number of records in an attached table. When i go into that sub table by using the drilldown function and ad some lines i'd like the contact form to update as soon as i close the drilldown form. Currently i have to re-get the record (by switching or reopening the form).

i know how to solve the problem by code (currform.update(false);) But i have lots of those flowfields right now and I'm looking for a more elegant way to solve this problem. beside that i don't configure all the table links and relation just to drilldown manually after that anyway ](*,)

any suggestions?

if it's really impossible to solve the problem by properties: is there a least a way to set the filters of the sub record using the configured filters from the flowfield?

thanks beforehand


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    pradoprado Member Posts: 4
    if you are trying to count the number of records in a form then you can create a textbox
    and place it at the bottom of the form and in the SourceExpr just write 'count' and it shows
    you number of records in that table.

    Even when you filter it, it shows you the exact no. of records filtered.
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