Item positive adjustment

nikeman77nikeman77 Member Posts: 517
Hi Guys,

I have 3 items that i add into our warehouse A(structured warehouse that requires picking, put-away) using item journal- positive adjustments.

Now I have a transfer order in which i would like to transfer partial amount (60 pcs) of these 3 items to another location warehouse B (simple locations where no required to put-aways, picking).
I can see the item quantity in the item ledger entry, remaining quantity is sufficient for location warehouse A (1000++ pcs). But when i released the transfer order it prompted me that there is insufficient quantity !

1.After posting positive adjustments in my item journal, is this 3 items in the warehouse A (require pick., put-away) ready to be sold/ transfer out ?
2.What other process have I missed out? I had checked that the adjustments bins contents in warehouse A (require pick., put-away) is empty.


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