Delete users from Restored Database

brownfcbrownfc Member Posts: 8

We currently run NAV 5.0 SP1 and our users authenticate using their Window Logins. We have restored the NAV SQL Database onto a Server that is in a different Windows Domain and there are a number of logins that belong to the soon-to-be-expired domain that we wish to delete (These accounts also have a different username format than our new domain). We have already started to manually add the users accounts from the new domain as I was able to create a user with SUPER access: (http://mibuso.com/blogs/kriki/2009/02/1 ... av-sql-db/)

Do I need to delete the old user accounts from within NAV and also from the SQL Management Studio or is there a way to clear all the old accounts and start from scratch?



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    swati_indiaswati_india Member Posts: 10
    In Nav users can be deleted very easily and SSMS you can write a sql script to do the job for you.
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