SMART Version Control movie

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SMART Version Control movie
SMART Version Control is the powerful tool which helps you to control and trace the development process. It is based on the free and open source software versioning and revision control system: Subversion.

Main features:
- Track all changes in objects;
- Possibility to roll back the object to any previous version;
- History of the objects with possibility to compare any versions of each other;
- Annotation of the object - detailed information about when and by whom each line was changed last time;
- Tracking tasks, possibility to find objects which was modified in particular task;
- Two way of the development: each developer works on personal database or all developers work on single database simultaneously;
- Possibility to use Active Directory authentication;
- Possibility to Lock / Unlock objects;
- Possibility to create sub branches in repository, updating them from parent and merging them to parent; It allows to isolate some tasks from main branch and from the release database before the task is done.

You can see this short presentation also here:

The SMART Version Control is a commercial product, but there is a possibility to use it free for partners. Please contact us for the detail.

You can find this and other tools and how-to's here:

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