Prepayment and Order Status

Gerard_WullinkGerard_Wullink Member Posts: 2
When using a Prepayment invoice (both Sales od Purchase), an Order Status will change to Pending Prepayment.
Once the Prepayment is done, the payment will close the Cutomer or Vendor Entry.

Strangely, as I would have expected, it does NOT change the Order Status to Released.
Even stranger: one can't even see at the Order if the prepayment has been done and thus cannot decide to Release the order.

Is there any method supporting this proces:
How can a sales person or purchaser see which orders can be released because the prepayment has been done?


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    bob_halesbob_hales Member Posts: 22
    I have the same issue at a customer site.
    Whilst the user can, from the SO, use the Order button, select Prepayment Invoices then Navigate, select & show Customer Ledger Entry and then check the Remaining Amount column, this is not really acceptable and may not be possible depending on permissions set.

    Anyone any ideas or will I have to resort to some code in the OnOpen trigger for the order?
    Bob Hales
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