Creating Customers in Multiple Companies

chiptesandeepchiptesandeep Member Posts: 12
If we create a customer in one Company, Need to create same Customer in all Companies with defined no. series.
Ex: Database having companies A , B , C .

IF we create a customer in Company A with No. CA-0001 ,
then automatically in B & C companies customer master should insert with CB-0001 & CC-0001.
Sandeep Chepte


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    David_SingletonDavid_Singleton Member Posts: 5,479
    Is there a question?
    David Singleton
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    chiptesandeepchiptesandeep Member Posts: 12
    is there any possibility to create same customer in Multiple companies with defined no. series as per company .. ?
    Sandeep Chepte
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    Sayan81Sayan81 Member Posts: 10
    There is a virtual table 2000000006 company , use this table to go to each company and then use changecompany function to change company. For example,

    IF company.findset then
    until company.next = 0;

    But remember this changes company only for customer table , not for other tables. So if onvalidate trigger in customet table fields calls other tables , those tables will refer to data in original company. So better to use web service to sync data between companies. Or simply , use dataport to export data from one company and import to other.
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    search1110search1110 Member, No Posting Permissions Posts: 19
    Create MASTER company as another layer of security. This company use for some roles with the permissions MODIFY,INSERT,DELETE. You still can access this data from other companies but in READ only.
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