The ClientCredentialType configuration cannot be parsed

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Dear All

Can anyone please help me to find out the cause for below message prompted when i run RTC Client (NAV 2009 R2).

'The ClientCredentialType configuration cannot be parsed into a valid NavClientCredentialType.

Below from 'CustomSettings.config'.
The type of client credential used for authentication. (Values are Windows/UserName)
<add key="ClientCredentialType" value="Windows"></add>

Appreciate your help.

Thank you.



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    CaponeCapone Member Posts: 125
    This is a very old post but I still got the same error and found the solution to my error.

    For me the error was that I had missmatching settings in:
    <add key="ClientServicesCredentialType" value="NAVUserPassword" />

    And CustomSettings.config:
    <add key="ClientServicesCredentialType" value="NavUserPassword" />

    Beware! These values are case sensitive. I hopes this will help.

    The solution was to set both to = "NavUserPassword"

    Hello IT, have you tried to turn it off and on?
    Have you checked the cables?
    Have you released the filters?

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