Blank G/L Codes in G/L Balance by Dimension and Analy by dim

paddypowerpaddypower Member Posts: 98
Version: 5sp1
Exe: 2009 R2
Database: SQL
UI: Classic

I have just upgraded a customer from the C/Side database to SQL and completed a technical upgrade. All is working well except when I run G/L Balance by Dimension in the chart of accounts it is all BLANK when G/L Account is selected in the Lines or Columns. I have then created a new Analysis view and I am having the same issue with the Analysis by Dimension feature.

I have had a look at the G/L accounts to ensure all the codes are correct! only using 4 numbers.

Please HELP.




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    jglathejglathe Member Posts: 639
    Hi paddypower,

    you're sure it's not this gotcha?

    with best regards

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