How to group itemno and sum of qty in report for current stk

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Dear All,

I am creating a new report from ILE table to print stock, So i selected ILE as data item for a report and in the properties of ILE i added "item no" in GroupTotalField & Quantity in TotalField. Then i added required fields on report body section to display in report.

I also created two variables (StartDate & EndDate) & added on request form to select data in date range.
Then i coded on ILE OnPreDataItem() for date range:-

IF (StartDate = 0D) AND (EndDate = 0D) THEN
ERROR('Please Enter Date')
SETFILTER("Posting Date",'%1..%2',StartDate,EndDate);

When i am running report with date range it select data according to date range but it is also showing multiple entries for single item code & qty from ILE, that it should not be displayed.

But It should display single line for each item code for the correct stock of item.

Please tell me where i am doing wrong and suggest some solution i will be very Thankfull.




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