Using out-of-licence tables

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My associate here just discovered, that there is possible (at least up to version 3.7) to use tables, not allowed to be used by your license as temporary tables.

It means that you can create a table (using your developer license) in the number range not accessible by your customer. You can use the table in your forms / reports / codeunits / etc as long as you do not actually write into database in this table - eg use it as temporary (memory) table.

This approach can save some amount of money for your customers as they do not have to buy licensed number areas for buffer tables. Also it allowes developers more flexibility as you can use separate buffer tables for different tasks instead of using one universal one for all tasks.


  • SteveOSteveO Member Posts: 164
    Yes, this is most definitely true.

    I believe it has something to do with the fact that temporary tables are held in the clients memory and not in the database server (where I presume license validation is done)
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