Coloured row in Subform of Purchase order

smshydsmshyd Member Posts: 72
Hi alll,

Client is using 5.0 LS Retail.
Client wants to have different colors in the sub-form by vendor wise
For Example Client will specify two Colors in the vendor card.
In the purchase order line first Line (Line no 10000) back color should be the first color specified in the vendor card
and second line will be second color in the vendor color
third line should be first color in the vendor card

Is it posssible in the navision


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    MBergerMBerger Member Posts: 413
    No, it's not possible to have a dynamic background color in a table in the classic client.

    Also, never assume that the first line is line 10000, because the user can have inserted lines above existing lines.
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    SogSog Member Posts: 1,023
    Please tell your client that he can achieve that by not working in the product and using excel with Jet reports to keep him busy with colors and other make-up for the data.
    [sexist]Is your client by any chance a women?[/sexist]

    However, when a client is ready to invest in colors, suggest a GUI change that gives an accent to the data the client wants to see highlighted.
    Try to discover what the actual problem is, because clients usually present a problem in a form of a solution they came up with.
    If the client wants to see the selected row, it is already implemented
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    smshydsmshyd Member Posts: 72
    Thanks for reply, I will try to convince the client
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