Prohibiting deletion of sales orders

hubgilberthubgilbert Member Posts: 36
We would like to make it a permission to delete a sales order header. We attempted to do this through INDIRECT setting on Sales Order Header, but the F4 key still allows the deletion. Is there any way without coding to disallow the deletion of the sales order header? Though I have no problem making the change, it just seems like this is something that should be tied to a permission.


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    WaldoWaldo Member Posts: 3,412
    on form-level there is the property "DeleteAllowed" ... Is this what you're looking for?

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    UrmasUrmas Member Posts: 76
    Why are you doing it through INDIRECT?

    Simply just say NO ;-)
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    hubgilberthubgilbert Member Posts: 36
    Will setting this to NO disallow deletion through proper posting of a sales invoice (and therefore deletion of the SO header?)
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    UrmasUrmas Member Posts: 76
    Yes it does in fact - setting it to NO will not allow you to delete order headers by posting.

    But I am slightly wondering - if you set the permission to INDIRECT then the user should not be able to delete the orders from order card anyway - unless you have already altered the code. The order form does not have any permissions set (at least in 3.7 standard for Estonia)
    But if the code has been altered then you may alter it more ;-)
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    hubgilberthubgilbert Member Posts: 36
    I tested it with indirect, and it allowed me to delete it. Not sure if the F4 key was an indirect method. This feature is not modified. Do you get a different result?
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    DenSterDenSter Member Posts: 8,304
    You're right, it is a permission, and you can easily set it without having to program it.


    On the Roles form, click the Role button and select Permissions. In there you should be able to figure out how to give and take away delete permissions.

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    Joe_MathisJoe_Mathis Member Posts: 173
    S&R-Q/O/I/R/C Create sales orders etc.

    S&R-Q/O/I/R/C, POST Post sales orders, etc.

    Are the two roles that mainly deal with Sales Order Headers
    Check tabledata 36 for the delete permission. I think we removed permission to delete from the Create permission and only gave it to the post. Then we designated one person to post SO's. We also wrote code to archive it automatically if it was deleted without being posted.

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